5420 Ross Avenue, Suite 180,
Dallas, TX 75206

Restaurant Space Description

3,721 square feet downstairs plus 656 square feet upstairs loft.  Downstairs can be divided into a main dining area and a spacious patio opened to the outside (if you desire) OR combined into one large dining area.  Downstairs seats 150 and upstairs seats another 40.

Restaurant Concept Description

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen is a 3,721-square-foot café-style restaurant featuring a full kitchen serving a living menu of toast-based entrees and exceptional craft beverages in the form of coffee, juice extractions, beer, wine, and cocktails.  Though the “artisanal toast craze” has already swept northern California and other metropolitan areas as a viable concept, this meal alternative had yet to reach Dallas, Texas, prior to Toasted’s opening.  In addition, Toasted takes this concept to an entirely new level – serving more elaborate and heartier toast-based meals that reach beyond traditional breakfast selections currently served in other cities.  For lunch & dinner, Toasted offers toast-based open-faced sandwiches, traditional grilled “topper” sandwiches, soups, and salads.  A full-breakfast-brunch menu is offered on weekends.  Toasted’s layout/design includes a faux-patio, traditional dining area, and mezzanine/loft for longer-term wifi usage.  The café also includes a complete bar serving creative fresh cocktails in addition to craft beer and wine.

Event Rental Fees

Toasted currently only charges event rental fees if the event a) occurs after hours, b) occurs during our busiest hours, or c) requires the restaurant to close to the public.  We generally DO NOT charge for full or partial usage of the private upstairs loft if patrons are expected to dine/drink (i.e., spend money) AND the timing is NOT between 9am-3pm on weekends.