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 Since artisan toast came onto the scene a few years ago, it’s been gaining steam— moving beyond the biggest markets to restaurant menus in more moderately sized ones.   Dallas will this summer get its first toast-focused restaurant, following in the footsteps of similar concepts in other cities. In St. Louis, chef Rachel Moeller and her partners were thinking up a concept they could execute in a small space, and landed on milk and toast. As their restaurant, Milque Toast Bar, was the area’s first of its kind when it opened in September, some people “were doubtful” about the concept’s viability. Yet it’s gaining traction with customers as, similar to tacos, customers can use toast as a template to try new flavors, Moeller said. Here’s a sampling of concepts riding the toast wave. 
Toasted Coffee & Kitchen, Dallas Dallas’ debut gourmet toast restaurant is slated to open this summer and will be serving up both sweet and savory toast varieties, the Dallas Observer reports. The more simple toasts on Toasted Coffee & Kitchen’s menu will contain such ingredients as volcanic sea salt and cream cheese, while heartier options include one made with Hawaiian bread, pulled pork and pineapple.